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Special Educational Needs

We are a one-form entry primary school with a strong sense of community, belonging and inclusion for all.

There are over 200 children on roll, including children with education and health care plans (EHCP) placed in a Special Support Centre for specific learning difficulties, additional needs and speech and language difficulties.

Our aim is to inspire and fulfil children through a creative curriculum combined with vital basic skills to produce confident, resilient and independent learners. This can only be achieved through working collaboratively alongside parents, governors and professionals using a flexible and personal approach.

We can only give you a flavour of how we will endeavour to meet your child’s needs, but this does not replace personal conversations and working together to find solutions and achieve shared aspirations. Nor do we claim that the six hours spent in school will achieve success without a supportive home environment for the eighteen hours spent at home each day, but we do claim to put the child and their family at the centre of everything we do.

Key Questions


SEN - special educational needs

SENCo - special educational needs coordinator 


In line with the school’s focus on the skills and talents of every individual child, it is our responsibility to ensure that all individual needs are met in our school.

We believe in inclusion and the right for every child to be challenged appropriately within their classroom, whatever their needs are. In some circumstances children will be withdrawn from their class for a particular intervention, but we generally believe that children should be in the learning environment with their peers.

Opportunities for every pupil

Every class teacher meets termly with our inclusion Manager and special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) team to discuss any children in their class that they may be concerned about, ensuring appropriate interventions can put into place to provide additional support. We also have a robust and consistent approach for the identification, monitoring and provision for children identified as more able, gifted and talented. For pupils for whom English is an additional language, a range of strategies are put into place to support their learning, including a stimulating environment rich in visual clues and language. Lastly, for children who may be identified as vulnerable, we ensure an ongoing dialogue with parents.

Contact our SENCo, Anna Montiel, for any questions: