The aim of our approach to maths, is to engage all children in a Maths Mastery approach to teaching and learning to enhance understanding and enjoyment, as well as raise attainment for every child.

Our goal is to achieve Mastery for all! Deep, sustainable learning, with an ability to build on, reason and make connections, developing conceptual and procedural fluency.

Much of the focus is on hands-on, practical tasks, with an emphasis on discussion between students, and students and adults, to develop reasoning and problem solving skills. Working walls remain intrinsic within our approach: as a resource for teaching, a reference point and to inspire pupils. It also forms a record of the journey the children have experienced through their learning.

This approach was initially launched following Blackthorns joining the NCTEM & Sussex Maths Hub ‘Maths Mastery Pilot Project’ and has now been fully adopted across the academy.