Globetrotters (Year 5)

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to Year 5 where we are becoming budding Globetrotters throughout the year!

Globetrotters: Building determination, teamwork and growth mindsets

Year 5 is an extremely important year as the children are given opportunities to mature, extend themselves as learners and realise their full potential before moving onto Year 6. The children will be challenged through an exciting year full of creative and stimulating activities and topics. The start of this year children will look at Law and Order – starting with studying crime and punishment through the ages focusing on court cases in our English lessons. After half term, we move on to understand the Parliament system in the UK as well as refugees. In the Spring Term, we will move our focus to the theme of “Isn’t Britain Great!” looking at Great Britain with a focus on Shakespeare in English before looking at how the world and countries have changed over the years. The summer term sees us collect our shovels and spades, buckets and wheelbarrows and head off to visit both Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece finding out about what it was like to be part of the ancient civilisations and compare this to modern times. We will complement our topic learning with some superb book choices to bring the topics to life including Percy Jackson, Tutankhamen, Who Let The Gods Out and Secrets of a Sun King! 

Year 5 children will notice an increased focus on their responsibilities to keep Blackthorns so wonderful as they head into Upper Key Stage Two. They also will take part in a residential trip to Sayers Croft which will allow us to build their determination, teamwork and growth mindset capabilities to use during the rest of Year 5!