The Hive

Welcome to The Hive.  We are beginning the year with a new name and will be exploring all things bee-related in the next few weeks!

Our strong team includes Mrs Burholt and Mrs Montiel who share the teaching role.  The children will be well supported by Mrs Sawyer and Mr Rickard and also by our Learning Mentor, Mrs Fowler.

As before, we will support the topics covered in the main classrooms with the appropriate teaching and keyword lessons.  We will also follow our own topics within The Hive.

Our Literacy skills will be delivered using Elklan techniques, some Colourful Semantics lessons and a new focus on the highly regarded Easyread scheme.

Maths will be delivered in an adapted and practical way, covering the content of the main curriculum but keeping the objectives visual and narrow in focus.  

Children will participate in all aspects of the curriculum.  They will join their main class for PE and Music whilst having their Literacy and Maths needs met within The Hive.

We aim to meet the targets of each Education and Health Care Plan by delivering a very personalised curriculum for each child, making sure their individual sensory, emotional and educational needs are met.

The children will continue to benefit from the professional support of Mrs Kelly, the Speech and Language Therapist.  Also, we hope to be able to share our work with you on Seesaw before too long.  It’s going to be an exciting year!