Assessment and tracking

In September 2014, a new National Curriculum was introduced and the previous method of assessing, using National Curriculum Levels was abandoned. Replacing these levels were ‘End of Year Expectations’ for each Year Group and the children are now assessed on their progress towards achieving the end of year expectations.

Since the Autumn Term 2015, we have been using Target Tracker to track the progress of the children in EYFS, and Key Stages 1 and 2 at Blackthorns Community Primary Academy. This software enables the teachers to assess in two ways: formatively and summatively.

Formative Assessment

The teachers use the End of Year expectations to plan and deliver the curriculum. Teachers are formatively assessing all the time through observation of children, their responses to questions and the learning that is evidenced in their school books and small group work with adults.

Teachers keep a track of these assessments by recording each End of Year Expectation as ‘not begun’, ‘working towards’, ‘achieved’ or ‘mastered’, on an ongoing basis. This helps the teachers to identify gaps in knowledge and tailor their teaching to the specific needs of the children in their classes.

Summative Assessment

Teachers will make summative judgements three times each year, at the end of every term. The status of the formative assessment and, therefore, the children’s progress towards the End of Year Expectations will inform this summative judgement.

The End of Year Expectations can be found on your child’s class page and are also available from your child’s class teacher. The expectations shown in bold are the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). It is expected that all children will be at ‘Secure’ for their year group by the end of the academic year. The teachers’ summative judgements will be shared with parents twice each year - in Interim Reports and Annual Reports.