Newsletter Number 3 highlights our exciting news, events and initiatives, from our woodland project to staffing updates, and our celebration of cultures and languages.

Newsletter Number 2 highlights our wonderful news, events and initiatives, from Planet Protectors to staffing updates, our autumn term theme week and more.

Newsletter Number 1 - the first of the new academic year - welcomes pupils and new staff alike and shares important news of our new wraparound care provision, our School Games Mark Gold award and more. 

Newsletter Number 19, the last of the 2018-19 academic year, celebrates our latest news, looks ahead to our forthcoming summer projects and looks back at our outstanding year.

Newsletter Number 18 highlights our great news, thank yous and updates, from Sports Day victories to changes to our Local Board and a forthcoming celebration event.

Newsletter Number 17 explores our excellent news and important updates from across the academy, from wraparound care to staffing updates, and an exciting visit from a television company!

Newsletter Number 16 talks about our key news and updates, from wraparound care to our forthcoming talent show and our entrepreneurial School Council. 

Newsletter Number 15 shares our recent brilliant news and noteworthy updates, from staffing updates to a huge 'well done' to Year 6, and more.

Newsletter Number 14 showcases some our recent news and updates, from a visit from author and illustrator William Grill to new additions to the Blackthorns team and a reminder about Year 6 SATs drop-ins.