Trailblazers are Go! Day 4 part 2

Afternoon activities: Sensory Trail for the final group, Zip Wire, Climbing, Buggy Building and Giant Swing and Vertical Challenge. The speed at which the children can now put on a safety harness is beyond belief. As a result, they are getting lots of goes at things, as they have more time.  Well done Mrs Ripley’s group who managed a record 4 zip wire goes each! A record! Climbing was equally as successful. Many children getting higher than earlier in the week, or developing better techniques. Listening to them explaining to others how to find hand holds etc is fantastic.

Mrs King’s Sensory Trail group were sensational. Not one person removed their mask and everyone took to the mud with a smile on their face – kind of… Harvey took his time getting out of the maze, but somehow managed to only get one leg wet. ‘’How is that possible?’’ Shouted Oscar and Harry who reckoned that their insides were as wet as their outsides. Special mention to Natalie – she was shivering cold, but utterly determined to keep going.

Vertical Challenge proved a great success – a range of different vertical routes up to the top: tires, ladders, hoops, handholds etc… all the children thought it was great fun.

Back to our base and it was almost time for tea. Children were racing for hot showers and were also told to focus on starting to pack; making sure they left clothes out for the following day.

Dinner tonight was chilli, rice, fish fingers and chips or veggie paella. Pudding was rice pudding and jam – this was a first for many children – rice... and jam?????? Are we crazy???? Not a huge hit. 

Back to base again and packing to be completed. Teachers were expecting this to take at least 345 hours. BUT, the boys, once again surpassed themselves and APPEARED  to pack and be ready for evening games in record time. Mr King had a quick look for forgotten piles, but happily, the boys seem to be super organised. Can they keep it together (or more importantly in their cases) until the morning? Sadly, a different story in the girls rooms. Still better than previous years, but several confused faces looking at large piles and tiny cases and wondering how on earth it all fitted?

In one chalet the occupants were just all laying on their cases moaning in despair. Sad... tragic in fact. 

In another we had rather smug girls, who were mocked for having large suitcases on the first day, but are now the envy of all, having loads of room to toss their dirty cloths and wellies in a jaunty way...

7pm and Elena (our Groupie) collected us for evening games. Half went with her and the rest chose the Bingo / quiz  / charades option. 

Sadly, this is our last evening. We can’t believe how fast it has gone and that tomorrow we will be home again. We have all missed our families, but it has been wonderful spending time laughing and learning with our classmates. It has been brilliant seeing all children achieving so many different things; seeing them interact with each other,  and listening to their characters shine through. Trailblazers are comedy geniuses!  Teachers agreed we have done a lot of laughing this week. 

PGL gives kids the opportunity to be the best they can be, to try new things and achieve personal goals. Thankfully Blackthorns children always embrace those opportunities and have been such wonderful ambassadors for our school.

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