Trailblazers are Go! Day 4 part 1

Another quiet night with no disturbances. We (nearly) all woke up to Mrs Jago’s giddy horse this morning. However, Chalet 19 were not even close to waking up, even when the horse was joined by a stable yard of stallions. Realising that they were all therefore going to be late for breakfast, we made up a story that they had actually got up very early for a run with Mr King, and were simply changing and recovering. This seemed to do the trick, and watching Eva, Rosena, Millie, Poppy, Martha and Emily doing stretches as they walked into the dining hall left quite a few confused and impressed!


Breakfast was bacon, tomatoes, beans and the usual. 


First activities were Sensory Trail and Giant Swing! Two of our favourites. Seeing children face their fears about going higher and higher is wonderful. Well done Raffy, Zac and Laurie, Nicky and Gethin for singing and screaming and waving all at the same time! Millie was very reluctant to go high, but went up with Miss Sanders and didn’t even realise she was at the top! She was so pleased with herself for doing something she never thought she would. 


Sensory Trail tests all your powers of communication and team work. Can you work your way through a series of obstacles, whilst blind folded and also tell your fellow team mates where you are and what’s in front of them?  Some people yes! Others – no chance. 


"Ewan, why aren’t you talking to me?" Pleaded Charlie. Tumble weed………"Martha,  anyone….hello?"


Lesson number one – never drop the rope, lesson two – never leave a man behind. 


On the whole everyone did really well – wet, muddy, and dirty… but lots of smiles and giggles. 


Back in time for showers and lunch: pasta and garlic bread. 


After lunch we held the cuddly toy competition. What an amazing array of unique, weird, cuddly, scraggy, glorious,loved toys we had this year. Everyone arranged their toys (well done those who attended the girl’s  toy grooming session.) 


Mrs Ripley is always in charge of this important event. She makes sure she doesn’t see who puts their toys down. Winners were: 3rd – Poppy’s pineapple, 2nd – Grace H’s fluffy polar bear, 1st: Grace B’s very loved, stuffing falling out bear.  


Afternoon activities. Zip wire and climbing. One group is trying the new PGL activity: Vertical Challenge.


‘’What’s vertical challenge? Asked Esther? 


‘’I think it will be a challenge that is vertical.’’ Replied her dinner table – oh yes! 


This evening we will be mostly packing, unpacking and repacking…. Hopefully some time for games, quiz and bingo. 

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