Trailblazers are Go! Day 3 part 2

Buggy Building was an interesting activity. Children were given the materials to build their own moving vehicle, using two large rollers, ropes and wood. Team work was the order of the day. There were various degrees of success. Tying knots appeared to be the trickiest bit. ‘’I have found the end of my rope.’’ Said Tammy. Before handing it to Emily… who seemed to be the rope genius. 


Fencing allowed children to poke each other with a pointy thing  - they seemed to really enjoy this. 


Archery produced multiple Robin Hoods and Maid Marions – bullseyes for Tammy and Martha. 


Dinner this evening was Roast dinner, pasta or curry, followed by lemon drizzle cake. ‘’Has anyone tried the curry?’’ Asked Gethin. ‘’It’s delicious, I recommend it!’’ 


We went straight to the shop after dinner and children were given some time to choose gifts and get a sweet treat for the evening’s entertainment. There were lots of nice things to select and the children were lovely at making sure they got gifts for siblings and parents and carers. Mrs Jago forgot that there was a horrible ‘millions’ sweety dispencer, (Usually she bans this) so of course most children had filled up nasty tubes of sugar rush before she’d even stepped into the shop – hey ho! 


Back to the cabins, and children got changed into their Onesies and slippers. Wow, we had multiple unicorns, animal prints, cows, buzzy bees and a zoo’s worth of creatures.  We made quite an impression walking past all the other schools to our classroom.


Miss Sanders and Mrs Ripley were on judging duties tonight, assisted by the lovely Gethin. 


Mr King and Mrs Jago modelled how to parade in a super model styley down the ‘catwalk’  - making sure to remember dramatic poses and ‘flamboyance’  - as these were part of the judging criteria! 


The music started and off we went! Pairs of children just ‘worked it!’ WOW, it was the like London Fashion Week – hair swinging, hip swinging, pouts …and that was just the boys!!!! 


Whilst the judges were making their final decisions, we had a dancing competition.


Onesie Winners were: 3rd – Leo (the lion), 2nd – Emily (unique and totes crazy), 1st – Poppy (the first onesie flamingo we’ve ever had!)  In her speech, Poppy thanked Millie for supporting her through the whole thing.


Dancing competition winners: 3rd – Max (body popping), 2nd – Eva (just cool). 1st – Raff (‘Strictly’ here we come!)


Slipper competition came next. Children stuck their feet out and judges were asked to walk up and down and decide. Another hard decision – so a quick hand dancing competition took place to kill some time. 


Slipper winners: 3rd – Izzy and Harry (Extreme unicorns), 2nd – Charlie (rainbow poo?), 1st – Laurie (Glow in the dark – wowza!)


Hand dancing winners: Heidi and Zac 


After all that excitement we had a bit of a disco, a sing song, water and loo breaks, before coming back for musical chairs. (The oldies are always the best) 


This was super fun and the burned off a lot of sugar. Winners of the two rounds were: Izzy and Charlie .


Finally we were all exhausted and sat down to rest. To finish the evening off we talked about our nominations for the day. 


Too many to mention, but stand outs were as follows...


Flo nominated Grace B – she was awesome at helping their team to victory in Jacobs Ladder. Martha nominated Esther for Aeroball success. Millie nominated Grace H and Tammy for their Aeroball skills. Charlie was nominated for ‘going the extra mile’, Max was mentioned by Harry ‘ He climbed as fast as a demented chicken – awesome!’ Mr King talked about Oscars determination to climb higher, and Eva for ‘exceptional commitment to not give up’Miss Sanders nominated Grace H for her crab adventures and Emily for brilliant buggy building skills. Mrs Ripley talked about Laurie’s skills in archery.  Mrs Jago nominated Miss Sanders for being best  music DJ during the evening. 


So, we all went back to our rooms and got ready to bed. Teachers were expecting a bit of a turbulent night, due to sugar consumption. But, kids were exhausted and were all asleep in minutes and not a peep was heard until this morning.


Day 4 will bring the all time favourite activity – Sensory trail. Plus we have to pack for leaving tomorrow. Boo!!!!

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