Trailblazers are Go! Day 3 part 1

The sun has got his hat on – hip hip hip hurrah!!! (part 1)


We all slept like logs last night – not a sound was heard from ANY chalet for the entire night. In fact we had problems getting people to wake up.  Mrs Jago was ‘shoooed’ away most impolitely on more than one occasion. Even strange animal noises were not enough to rouse the ladies in chalet 15  - they know who they are! 


National Marigold Day today – and the sun is shining. We are celebrating all things clean and tidy, thinking about Queen Victoria and her wonderful legacy. We sang the anthem of course and practised our salutes in readiness for the day ahead. 


Breakfast this morning was sausages, beans, mushrooms – plus the usual. 


Off we went to our first activities. Aeroball and  Jacob’s ladder. Well done Mr King’s group; almost everyone got to the top of the ladder – that is very high! 


Today was Beach Walk for us all and it was wonderful. We had the beach to ourselves and we got fantastic views of Portsmouth and the sea. We first had to all make a sand castle (in groups) We had to make sure we could present to the rest what our ‘concept’ was – we particularly liked the ‘Pit of Doom’ and the ‘Fortress of Death’. This took quite a long time, as much time and thought was put into these masterpieces. Hats off to Grace H who held a crab the group had found – even though she didn’t want to. She is also the winner of the best smiler so far this week – we think she may be having a good time. 


Following this we had a ‘screaming’ competition. You had to line up at one end of the beach and,when pointed at, run as far as you could screaming until you ran out of breath. Well, there were some FANTASTIC screams…and some pathetic screams… and losers will be revealed later. 


After this we were given a list of things to find on the beach,  including the famous Isle of Wight blue stone. When told that this was worth money – many children began digging like squirrels who’d lost buried nuts. Many bits of stone were found…


…and then lost on the walk back to the centre, as children forgot they were holding them! Life is hard sometimes. A few biscuits helped us get over it all. 


Of course, as instructed,  we wore our marigolds the entire time, except some people did not, and therefore returned without their glove – this was bad! This was a time for major sanction -  due to disrespecting the marigold. Certain children (Ewan, Martha, Harry) had to carry sticks for the rest of the morning, until they either found their glove or someone lent them a spare one. (Oscar named our sticks: Billy, Walter, Richard… we also have a Gary somewhere) 


Tiredness was obviously affecting people more than they thought, because, what would you know… some silly billies locked themselves out of their chalet – again! This time we showed no mercy and the offending children (Nicky, Harry, Gethin and Leo)  were asked to compose a rhyming poem  - using the words key, and knee, and plea as a guide.  After the 4th attempt and Mr King’s expert guidance Mrs Ripley relented and let them in. Tut Tut.


We had some free time before lunch, so Miss Sanders sat with a group making friendship bracelets. Mr King played boule with some others. And many others searched for gloves and keys. 


Time for lunch: filled roles or wraps with a variety of fillings, crisps, salads and soup. We were STARVING. 


Mr King took a group up to the football pitch for a quick game and now it’s time for afternoon activities. Fencing and Buggy Building. 


Tonight is the Onesie and Slipper fashion show and competition, we also have our shop time, so lots of things to look forward to. 


Anticipating a late finish tonight, so part 2 to follow......

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