Trailblazers are Go! Day 2

Evening update: surprisingly, NO children were caught having secret sweeties last night. Either they are very clever or very healthy. As it was, we all had a pretty restful night and managed to emerge refreshed and ready to go. 


Today is Zac’s birthday! Wow, what a place to celebrate. He was presented with a birthday banner outside his room, a very large badge, and even pressies from his friends. His particular favourite appeared to be a fake moustache, which did rather suit him. Our Groupie brought down a card signed by the other PGL Groupies plus a ‘free pass’ that said he was allowed to go first on all the activities today. (Mini fist pump!) 


Breakfast was hash browns, veggie sausages, bacon, porridge etc. Everyone was starving hungry and ate a wide range of different combinations of cereal, toast and hot stuff – who knew tomato ketchup went so well with porridge (not strawberry jam then?) 

After breakfast we all headed off for our first activities – Aeroball with Mr King, Jacobs Ladder with Mrs Ripley and fencing with Miss Sanders. As always, Blackthorns excelled at Fencing – go Chloe! . Climbing Jacob’s ladder proved to be a wet affair, as the heavens opened, making it very slippy. Aeroball was wet and bouncy. Mr King partnered up with young Ms Broom to form the award winning team of ‘The Royal Sweepers!’ 


Back for a quick break, then onto our next activities: Problem solving, Jacobs Ladder and Archery. 


According to the instructor, group 1 were officially the worst problem solving group he had ever had – zero listening, looking or thinking skills! We endeavoured to prove him wrong, and eventually Elsie managed to single-handedly solve the cones challenge and Ewan did a pretty good job of directing the group in the ‘Helium Hoop’ challenge. Yay!! 


The sun had finally decided to make and appearance and we sent into lunch for Chicken pie, cheese and onion pasties and salads. HUGE portions are being eaten this week – these children have bottomless legs.


Mrs Jago took a group up to play in the Zac’s birthday Charity Shield football tournament (AKA: a quick 20 minute footy match) Eva’s team  V Chloe’s team – the score was 4 -3 to one of them (we’re not sure who)  Ace reffing by Rosena. 


Time for our next activity: Dragon Boat Racing. Everyone was together for this and we had to get kitted up in waterproofs and life jackets and go  through all the health and safety rules and learn how to  go forwards and backwards! We were split into 2 boats to race against each other. Luckily Mrs J got to sit behind Gethin and Harry in their boat and splash them and poke them in the rear end with her oar to make them go faster. This boat failed to win any of the regular races – however, they did win the ‘Australian’ race, when we had to turn our oars upside down!  This boat was also much better at going backward than forwards – who’d have thought!? 


We all managed to survive the water and Poppy summed it all up ‘’I wasn’t too sure about this, but it was so much fun! I did it!’’ That’s what PGL is all about. Mr King, Mrs Ripley and Miss Sanders took lots of photos of wet children and we had time go back and get changed before our final activity. 


Children know there is a dorm inspection this evening, so there was a bit of running about ‘tidying’ or…’hiding’ things before we set off. Two groups climbing and one on the Low Ropes. The Low Ropes group appeared to be ‘all hung up’ when we walked past them….apparently that’s all part of it! A great success they all agreed. Miss Sanders was so proud of her group. Climbing was amazing. Special mention Max : AKA Spider-man! 


Back at the chalets and Mr King and Mrs Jago began their dorm inspection. The usual criteria of general aroma, what’s under the mysterious ‘lump’ in the corner, bins and THE BATHROOM!!!!!

This year the boys were on top form. The winners were Chalet 21 (Congratulations – Leo, Zac, Nicky, Ewan, Gethin and Harry) We were greeted at the door, their bin was empty, and the loo was a thing of beauty. The ladies was a more difficult task. So much effort – ‘’This room smells of organisation,’’ stated Mr King….however, they were pipped at the post by the  winners: Chalet 17, ( Elizabeth, Grace B, Esther, Heidi, Elsie and Tammy) who followed the Blackthorns Planet Protectors ethos – showing us a room who were recycling and aware of lighting and heating etc…right on girls! 

Dinner tonight was chicken nuggets, lasagne, chips and salad bar. Plus apple and toffee crumble and custard. YUM. After all that we rolled our way to our classroom to sing Happy Birthday to Zac and light the candles on his cake. When asked what his hopes and dreams for the following year he said….’’I don’t really know! But I’d like to thank mum for the cake’’ Wise words! 

The best part of the teachers day: We sat and gave our nominations for those people who’d simply been brill during the day. 

Nicky – nominated Raff for his support in completing Low Ropes, Millie nominated Rosena, who hadn’t been feeling so well. Elsie and Martha nominated Heidi for facing her climbing fears. Miss Sanders talked about Raff who kept going during Jacobs Ladder and was always encouraging people and also fencing ace Chloe. Mrs Ripley mentioned Elsie for her climbing skills. Mr King talked about Spiderman Max and his ‘enthusiasm, grace, speed and agility’’. Charlie and Mrs J nominated Ewan’s problem solving skills. Phew!!!! 

Entertainment options this evening: Dodgeball or Bingo? Half and half, so Mrs J ran a prize bingo evening followed by a general knowledge quiz, with buzzers. The Kings, V The Ripley’s V The Sanders. Standout quiz kids: Oscar, Ewan and Martha and Flo. Kings won round one, then we ended up in a draw between Sanders and Ripleys. But Oscar answered the winning question for Ripleys. 

Questions of the day: 

Which mystery lady was overheard saying… ‘’Do you know what I like about being in the Isle of Wight? You don’t have to make your bed!’’

Quiz question shock: What is the main ingredient of an omelette? Everyone…’Cheese’…

Who tried to put their empty tray back into the rack the wrong way round  - therefore throwing the entire thing on the floor?

Who enjoys a plate of cucumber and ketchup?

Who got their oar stuck in the jetty and nearly face planted?

Who jumped in a puddle at the end of dragon boat racing, finding the puddle to be slightly deeper than anticipated and getting wet through?

Tomorrow – National Marigold day.

Better get a good night’s sleep!

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