Trailblazers are Go! Day 1

Little Canada – Trailblazers are GO!


The sun came out and we all set off on the coach in sunshine. It was a super quick journey to Portsmouth and we arrived in very good time. The children were excellent on the coach, keeping all the adults entertained  -  and a first for Year 6 residential – no vomiting!!! GO year 6!!!


We were allowed to get an earlier ferry, so embarked on the 1 o’clock.  We took our lunches up onto the boat and ate whilst looking out for the WW2 forts that we had learned about. There was time for us to go out on deck and have a bit of fresh air. Two members of the public said how polite Blackthorns children were too. Several children had forgotten their passports - but we let them off!! (off the boat that is!) 


40 minutes later we had arrived at Fishbourne and got back on the coach. It was a very quick 10 minutes drive through Wootton Bridge to Little Canada. We were all quite excited at this point, as we could see some of the activity zones.  We were met by our 'Groupie': Elena. We took all our bags off and stored them, before heading out to play some games and relax a bit. Elena then gave us all a tour round the site. Harvey and Poppy had been before, so were great at pointing out things to us. We saw where our fire point would be, and where all the activity zones are. We even saw the sea!  Whilst this was going on Mrs Jago and Mrs Ripley were getting our rooms ready and making sure we had all the things we would need in our rooms. 


Eventually we were allowed to go and see who we were sharing with and what our rooms were like. There was lots of squealing and  jumping up and down - which we took as 'happy' noises. Everyone seemed to be pleased about their rooms.  Amazingly the boys seemed to be super organised and had themselves unpacked and sorted in minutes. Raff and Charlie asked if they had time for a 'power nap ' - now that's a first!!  Girls rooms were a mixture of crazy organised mess on a 'DIY SOS' scale: in progress,  and  others were going the  more 'Grand Designs' route, with fairy lights, lamps, artwork, posters and air fresheners. Mrs Jago says she's learning a lot about her class already!!


Elena then took us all off for a brilliant games session in the activity centre. This took us up to dinner time at 6pm.  We were all starving hungry.  Lovely dinner tonight. Chicken, sausages and mash or veggie stir fry, salad bar, soup and yummy chocolate crispy cakes. Some greedy children keen to be first in the queue,and not listening to instructions missed the fact that they had to take ALL their meal in one go, so missed out on the choccy cake. Luckily Mrs J was feeling kind and went and collected a tray of cakes - hmmmmmm.


The dining hall was VERY noisy, as there were lots of children in there all eating. But it was fun to see who else was at the camp. We all agreed that we were best behaved of course. After dinner we went to the classroom we have hired to have a chat about the rest of the week etc. Then it was time to go back to our chalets to get our water proofs on to do our evening activity: 'Passport to the World'. We have  to work in teams to find all the flags posted around the site.


After this we will be getting ready for bed and hoping that we all get a good night's sleep, ready for our busy day tomorrow.


We have dragon boat racing, Aeroball and lots more tomorrow.


Questions of the day:


Who left their lunch on the coach even though we asked and reminded and checked all morning?


Who's bottom made such a loud noise in the classroom that Mrs Jago had to ask 'what was that noise?'?


Where did the enormous bug come from that ran across the classroom floor so fast we all clapped? 


Which child(children)  will have their sweets confiscated this evening for getting caught eating after light out?

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