Meet our team

Senior Leadership Team

Name Role(s)
Mrs Marianne Brand Principal
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Tom Jordan Vice Principal
Inclusion Manager
Teacher in Charge of SSC
Mrs Sarah Neller EYFS and Key Stage 1 Manager
Maths Leader
Reception Teacher
Mr Matthew King Key Stage 2 Manager
English Leader
Year 4 Teacher (Groundbreakers class)


Pupil playing the drums in front of a blue door

Teaching staff

Name Role(s)
Mrs Cate Jago Year 6 Teacher (Trailblazers class)
Curriculum Manager
Mr Karl Luckhurst Year 5 Teacher (Globetrotters class)
P.E./Sport Leader
Mrs Louise Highton Year 3 Teacher (Warriors class)
Computing Leader
Mrs Emma Cheeseman Year 2 Teacher (Explorers Class)
Phonics Leader
Miss Rosa Sanders Year 1 Teacher (Inventors class)
Art/D.T. Leader
Mrs Anna Radillo-Montiel Teacher in Special Support Centre
Mrs Claire Allen Year 3 Teacher (Thursdays) and Year 1 Teacher (Fridays)
R.E. Leader
Mrs Kayleigh Jackson Reception Teacher (Thursdays)
SMSC Leader
Mrs Wendy Paul Teacher in Year 6 and Inclusion Teacher
Mrs Emilie Robinson Teacher of Modern Foreign Language
Mrs Helen Moffatt Music Specialist Teacher
Mrs Sue Hughes Supply Teacher
Mrs Jane Major Supply Teacher
Pupil reading in library area and smiling at the camera

Support staff

Name Role(s)
Mrs Liz Fowler Learning Mentor
Mrs Nikki Dickinson Teaching Assistant (Trailblazers class)
Mrs Helen Thomas Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Globetrotters class)
Mrs Karen Ripley Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Groundbreakers class)
Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs Emma Taylor Teaching Assistant (Warriors class)
Mrs Claire Wheller Teaching Assistant - Key Stage 1
Mrs Lydia Lee Teaching Assistant - Key Stage 1
Ms Eun Joo Lee Teaching Assistant - Key Stage 1
Miss Simone Ware Teaching Assistant - Key Stage 1
Mrs Jenny Casey Teaching Assistant - Key Stage 1 and 2
Mrs Gemma Sawyer Teaching Assistant - Inclusion Team
Mrs Sarah Gillies Teaching Assistant - Key Stage 2
Mrs Kerry Cole Midday Meals Supervisor
Miss Rachael Spencer Midday Meals Supervisor
Admin Assistant
Mrs Vanessa Tucknott Midday Meals Supervisor
Mr Nigel Davis Site Manager
Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs Angela Day Officer Manager
Mrs Karen Ramsbottom Academy Business Manager
Mrs Rachel Gambiragio HR and Admin Assistant
Mr Luke Skinner-Tucknott Cleaner