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The Burgess Hill Academy Contributes to Local Christmas Hamper Project

The Burgess Hill Academy Contributes to Local Christmas Hamper Project

In the spirit of community and compassion, The Burgess Hill Academy actively participated in supporting the local Christmas Hamper Project. This initiative, led by a collaborative effort from various local organisations including Burgess Hill Community Foodbank, Burgess Hill Town Council, Burgess Hill Youth, and The King's Church Mid-Sussex, aimed to bring Christmas cheer to families in need within the community.

As part of the ongoing commitment to social responsibility, The Burgess Hill Academy generously donated food items to the project. 

Furthermore, six dedicated members from the academy's Student Leadership Team actively participated in the packing process of over 250 hampers. The collective efforts of the volunteers ensured that families facing financial challenges would not go hungry during the festive season.

The Christmas Hamper Project brought together volunteers from diverse backgrounds, including representatives from The Burgess Hill Academy and other local schools. The hampers, totaling to an amazing 272, were packed at The King's Church with the support of volunteers from various organisations and businesses.

The impact of the Christmas Hamper Project was substantial, with the academy actively contributing to ensuring that families in Burgess Hill did not miss out on the joy of the holiday season. The Burgess Hill Academy looks forward to continued participation in the Christmas Hamper Project in the years to come. 

A huge well done to those involved.