Special Educational Needs and Disability offer

A Spiral of Care for the Inclusion of Every Child

We are a one-form entry primary school with a strong sense of community, belonging and inclusion for all.

There are currently 241 children on roll, including children with Education and Health Care Plans placed in a Special Support Centre for specific learning difficulties, additional needs and speech and language difficulties.

Our aim is to inspire and fulfil children through a creative curriculum combined with vital basic skills to produce confident, resilient and independent learners. This can only be achieved through working collaboratively alongside parents, governors and professionals using a flexible and personal approach.

We can only give you a flavour of how we will endeavour to meet your child’s needs, but this does not replace personal conversations and working together to find solutions and achieve shared aspirations. Nor do we claim that the six hours spent in school will achieve success without a supportive home environment for the eighteen hours spent at home each day, but we do claim to put the child and their family at the centre of everything we do.

Key questions

If you are considering applying for a place at Blackthorns Primary Academy and your child has special educational needs, then the first action to take is to telephone the school and arrange an initial visit with the Headteacher.

Other services that may help you if you are applying for a school place are:

Website address Description
https://westsussex.local-offer.org Local Offer
www.westsussex.gov.uk/parent_partnership A support service for parents who have a child with special educational need or disability
www.sendgateway.org.uk A central portal run by NASEN signposting resources and services from a range of voluntary and community sector organisations: a ‘one stop’ portal for information.
www.ascend.co.uk Mid Sussex Ascend - a special educational need and Disability support network for school and settings, to enable children and young people 0-25 have successful mainstream education provision. This is being developed in response to Part 3 of the Children and Families Act and will form part of the Local Offer infrastructure and partnerships of community based education providers, led by schools and co-produced with parents, carers and young people. Blackthorns is the lead school for the ASCEND Hub.

An invitation for feedback:

Schools are fluid organisations where personnel change, but we hope this gives you an idea of our philosophy and our aims to try and meet the needs of all children with special educational needs or a disability. We have developed this Local Offer with parents in mind, and would be pleased to receive feedback via our email as to its clarity and usefulness.

The Special Support Centre at Blackthorns Primary Academy

This is an eight-place unit to support children with existing Statements of Special Educational Need or Education and Health Care Plans. Some children have a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or dyspraxia, and some have an additional need, such as Attention Deficit Disorder, or a combination of the two. Others have a significant language disorder, either receptive or expressive. Children are placed in the unit to receive specialist help in Reading, Writing, Maths, Speech and Language and social skills during the mornings. In the afternoon they join their peers in the mainstream classroom to fully participate in the wider curriculum including music, art and PE – subjects in which some children with learning difficulties shine. Children are fully included in extra curriculum activities with their peers, and frequently make a strong contribution to the life of the school.

Children are not offered a place in the unit if they have significant behavioural difficulties that put other children or staff at risk, as we do not have the necessary facilities to meet their needs sufficiently well.

Children are only accepted into the unit with a Statement of Special Educational Need, applied for by their previous school or parents.

Please do call us, or email if you have any questions regarding the Special Support Centre at Blackthorns, or if you would like any advice. We may not have all the answers, but hopefully we would be able to point you in the right direction!