Welcome to Year 5: "Archaeologists"

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child in to Year 5.

Year 5 is a very important year as we give the children opportunities to mature and develop into responsible learners. The children are challenged through an exciting range of creative and stimulating learning activities. This year they will visit both Ancient Greece and Ancient and modern Egypt as part of our travels, as well as studying the theme of Kingdoms and Politics. There will be an increased focus on responsibilities, as the children move in to the upper part of the school. In the Autumn term they will have the opportunity to partake in the Residential trip to Sayers Croft, which provides a firm foundation on which to be built upon throughout the year.

Home learning:

Each week your child will be required to complete their homework. Some weeks this may be linked to in-class or topic-based learning; others it will have a Maths focus or even spelling focus. Please encourage them to hand any homework in on time (Wednesdays, unless otherwise specified). The children need to be reading daily; this does not always mean independently. Reading and discussing books/poems/plays with an adult or older sibling has enormous value and cannot be underestimated. Your children’s individual targets have been stuck in to their home-school diaries; please read and discuss them with your children.

Other Information:

5D:PE will be on a Monday and Friday so please could you ensure that the children have the correct kit in school on these days. Madame Robinson’s French lessons are on a Wednesday and music continues to be taught on a Thursday. Mrs Thomas continues to work with year 5 in the mornings and Mrs Allen will be teaching on Thursday afternoon and Friday.

5T: As above, Mrs Dickinson will work with the class in the mornings and Mrs Ripley will teach the class on a Thursday afternoon.

Useful Websites:

Username / Passwords can be found in children’s home school diaries.

Assessment for learning:

The new National Curriculum has set out clear expectations for what children should achieve by the end of each key stage. To track pupil attainment we are using Target Tracker, a system that has devised a series of statements that allow children, teachers and parents to assess progress in their learning in line with NC requirements.

Tracker documents: