Welcome to Year 4: "Groundbreakers"

Year 4 are becoming Groundbreakers , we begin by learning about rivers and the water cycle and then find out about the early history of Great Britain and the people that invaded. We will start in the Stone Age, move through the Bronze and Iron Ages before discovering Roman Britain and its legacy. We then look across the Atlantic to learn about the Aztec and Maya people, finding out about chocolate as we go.

Home learning:

Usually, your child will be set weekly homework on Friday and be required to complete it by Wednesday of the following week. Sometimes, the homework will be research for work in class and may need to be in on a different day. Please encourage your child to work as hard on their homework tasks as class work and to hand it in on time. When it is a piece of writing, the school policy is black ink.

Other Information:

P.E will be on Tuesday and Friday so please could you ensure that the children have the correct kit in school on these days. Madame Robinson's French lessons are on Tuesday and music will be taught on Wednesdays. Mrs Ripley will also be working with the children in the mornings and on Friday afternoons.

Useful Websites:

Username / Passwords can be found in children’s home school diaries.

Assessment for learning:

The new National Curriculum has set out clear expectations for what children should achieve by the end of each key stage. To track pupil attainment we are using Target Tracker, a system that has devised a series of statements that allow children, teachers and parents to assess progress in their learning in line with NC requirements.

Tracker documents: