Welcome to ALPs

Welcome to the ALPs for 2017-2018. The children have made a fantastic start to the term and they have all quickly settled into the routines and timetable. I have been really impressed with the level of organisation that they have all shown when moving to and from their mainstream classrooms.

Topic theme

This term the topic for Year 6 pupils is Conflict. Firstly, we will consider the meaning of the word and, to generate ideas, we will create a plasticine sculpture to reflect both conflict and it’s opposite. We will use this piece of work as inspiration to support our writing, with a particular focus on poetry. We will look at aspects of the Second World War and will focus on gaining an understanding of key facts and concepts whilst using the topic as a springboard for some independent writing.

Year 4 are looking at the Stone and Iron Ages. We will use Stone Age Boy as a source of ideas for our own writing and later in the term we will have a go at some Stone Age cave painting and even some early jewellery.


In the main, homework will be handed out on a Friday and will be due in the following Wednesday. However, there might be a need for work to be sent home to support the learning in class during week. If this is the case, then a note will accompany the homework to explain why this has been sent home. We have explained to the children that it is their responsibility to complete their homework without the need of ‘parent reminders’! If homework does turn into a struggle, please let us know and we will support you in ‘reminding’ the children! However, we have also encouraged the children to discuss their homework task(s) if and when needed.

ALPs child checklist

  • Reading book and diary
  • Glasses (if required)
  • Water bottle