Assessment Principles

Assessment Statement for Haywards Heath Locality

The new National Curriculum becomes statutory for all maintained schools in September 2014, except for the children who will be in Years 2 and 6, who are still to be taught the current National Curriculum and assessed using the current National Curriculum levels in summer 2015.

The new National Curriculum for Key Stages 1-2, in maintained schools, which comes in to force in September 2014 does not include any levels (for primary schools generally Level 1 to Level 5 and 6) instead it provides an outline of broad expectations indicating what pupils should be taught in different year groups or key stages. Summer 2016 will be the first year of statutory assessment not to use levels.

Our Principles of Assessment

  • Assessment puts the child at the centre of their learning
  • Assessment is at the heart of high quality teaching and learning for all pupils
  • Assessment is manageable, purposeful, accessible and time-efficient
  • Our assessment framework values professional judgement, dialogue and a common language
  • Assessment objectives set consistently high expectations for learners
  • Assessment judgements are recorded using a variety of strategies, supported with a range of evidence

Our Purpose of Assessment

  • To ensure teaching is appropriate and that learners make at least expected progress
  • To celebrate; help plan next steps in learning; and support analysis of trends, leading to school improvement
  • To inform discussion and dialogue with pupils, parents/carers, colleagues, school leaders and governors, moderators and assessors
  • To support transition between year groups, key stages and schools

The Haywards Heath locality of primary schools, working in partnership with the Local Authority, will continue to use the current systems whilst we collaborate in developing a locality wide process that enables all the schools to assess progress of individual pupils, identified groups and year groups.