Sayers Croft - Day 2

Published Nov 9, 2018

Thursday arrived and was a very bright and sunny start, albeit earlier than hoped (especially for Mr Tugwell and the boys!).

We began the day with a fabulous cooked breakfast of scrambled egg, bacon, hash browns, beans, tomatoes and toast. What a brilliant start to the day! Following breakfast was the first room inspection, which the children prepared for. Mrs Brand and Mr Tugwell inspected the children’s efforts. Despite the boys’ room seeming very impressive on the surface, the one thing that they dreaded happened. Yes, Mr Tugwell opened the wardrobes to find a scene reminiscent of the Next Boxing Day sale. Due to the evident attention to detail in the girls’ dorm, they were the winners on this occasion.

While this was going on the Sayers Croft postman visited and the children came back into the classroom to find their letters from home. They were all absolutely delighted to receive them!

We then got ourselves ready and headed over to the Climbing Wall and woodland ropes course for he morning. The children really impressed us with their resilience, team work and encouragement for one another, as well as the courage shown by some children who faced their fears so bravely.

Lunch was chicken, corn on the cob and potato wedges and then we headed off for the woodland walk for the afternoon. It was a perfect day for an autumn walk and we all really enjoyed chatting with together as we wandered along. 

Now for some chill-out time before dinner and our night walk.

Dinner was roast turkey, roast potatoes and vegetables, followed by apple crumble and cream, which went down very well again.

After dinner was the second room inspection. This time the girls had prepared a very impressive song and dance performance to win over the judges. Unfortunately, their efforts would have been better spent tidying the dorm, as the judges were not influenced by these attempts to impress, and they announced the boys to be the winners.

After dinner was a quiz, which the children performed very well in. The lowest mark out of 20 was 11, and three teams drew for the victory with 17/20. This meant that there had to be tie-break question. What is the population of Haywards Heath (at the last census)? Zac won on behalf of his team as he was he closest with a guess of 43000.

Then Corinne, one of the instructors, came and took us on our night walk. Firstly, we talked about nocturnal animals and then we set off in groups on a walk around the woods, following small reflective squares on trees and fences, highlighting our way. Mrs Brand’s group set out last, but were careful and worked well as a team, following the trail. As a result, they arrived at the end point before several other groups, who had taken a wrong turn in the dark! Then we turned all of the torches out and sat in the pitch black, listening for nocturnal animals. We heard the cry of an owl as it got closer to us. Then we had a game in the woods before heading back to our cabin for hot chocolate and bed. An exhausting, but brilliant day.