Sayers Croft - Day 1

Published Nov 8, 2018
We arrived safely at a very soggy Sayers Croft and immediately met our leader, Gail. She showed us to our accommodation, which is called Holmbury. A very interesting half hour followed with the children attempting to make their own beds! We then had a fire drill in the pouring rain, followed by a very lovely lunch - pizza, garlic bread, salad, with pineapple cake, yogurt or fruit for dessert.

After lunch we finished unpacking, dressed in waterproofs and then headed up to shelter building. The children showed some great teamwork skills to make their dens. The usual test of emptying a watering can over the shelters was not necessary today, as the clouds above us did that job for us! The adults then judged the five shelters and were mightily impressed with the children’s efforts. It was very tricky to choose a winning group, but eventually Ellie, Eva, Natalie, Esther, Harry and Gethin were crowned champions!

The next activity was orienteering, which enabled the children to develop some independence and become more familiar with the site. Luckily, the rain had stopped by this time! Some groups found this  activity more challenging than others, with some wonderful resilience displayed! 

A quick drink and Oscar’s delicious rocky road followed, and now for some relaxing time before dinner. We are supposed to have a camp fire this evening, but will see what the weather has in store for us.

Ellie just announced, “You know I said I was worried? I take it all back, it’s amazing!”

It was cottage pie, vegetables and jam sponge and custard for dinner - delicious! This was closely followed by a visit to the tuck shop, where lots of souvenirs were purchased! The children added up their spend very well, with Mrs Brand chipping in with a “How much change will you get?” every now and then (no opportunity for learning is missed at Blackthorns!).

Mrs Thomas and Miss Farmer worked tirelessly to get the camp fire up and running and we all really enjoyed a sing song. The adults learnt new songs, all about unicorns and all sorts, as well as the old favourites about baby bumble bees. The baby shark even made an appearance!

Then it was showers all round and a marathon hair drying session for the girls before bed. The children settled well - not a single tear or homesickness! The boys were asleep quickly, but were also awake VERY early (poor Mr Tugwell!).

More news and photos to follow!