Isle of Wight Day 5

Published Oct 5, 2018

Weather report: foggy, foggy foggy! Oi,Oi,Oi! :-) 

Happy birthday Samuel!

Another quiet night in the cabins and everyone woke to fog and the sound of the fog horns helping the ferries to cross.

We all had to strip our beds and begin the task of packing  - again! All the bedding had to be taken to the laundry. 

Everyone was starving this morning and we had lovey breakfast, getting ready for our final activity. Samuel is 10 today, so we all sang Happy Birthday and he stood on his chair in front of everyone. 

After breakfast, we had to finish packing and bring all our bags up to the main hall. Well done girls for successfully getting all their belongings in their bags. Boys - another story. All the 'how to fold a t-shirt' lessons were abandoned in favour of..'if I sit on this case, my friend might be able to get the zip to fasten...or I could tie my clothes around the case and fasten it that way!' Clever!!!  ''Wellies are evil!'' said Matthew - someone needs to invent inflatable wellies, was the general wish. An excellent idea!  Somehow they all managed it and have now dragged themselves and their bags to the hall. 

Dragon boating was cancelled today because of the weather, but the kids are climbing instead - they were really pleased, and as I write this half the whole group are either up walls or belaying for their friends. 

We have had a fantastic week. The children have been spectacular and have been an absolute credit to Blackthorns and their families. They are a bit dirty and are exhausted, but are all smiling and have many stories and adventures to share. 

On behalf of all the staff, we would like to thank all the kids for making us laugh such a lot and for embracing every challenge. 

Goodbye Little Canada.