Isle of Wight Day 4

Published Oct 4, 2018

Weather report: drizzle!
Another very quiet night last night, with no disturbances. Well done all children for getting a good night's sleep. They all looked a lot perkier this morning.
Mr J's birthday, so we put the flags out. However 'someone, or something' had been very busy during the night and strung shoes from the balconies. Personally I blame the squirrels!
Children woke up and peeped out of their cabins to see their new decorations hung up. Most agreed that it was very colourful and abstract...
Breakfast this morning: eggs and bacon.
Lots of activities today, including Aeroball, Giant Swing, Beach walks and Sensory trails.
Questions so far:
Who gave Mr J a 'Happy 50th' birthday card - brave!!!!!?
Who was late for breakfast, because...'I was wrestling with my trousers.'
Who goes to breakfast every morning wearing their wellies?
Who managed to get dressed and washed, WITHOUT getting out of bed?
Who is still very upset that their slippers didn't win, (Apart from me!)
Who has surprised herself  - and all of us -  by how quickly she is up and ready every morning? High Five!! 
What a busy day we have had today! 

The weather did not stop everyone from getting stuck in to their tasks. Children know the routine now and all know where they are going and what they are supposed to be wearing - well, most of them!  
Sensory Trails were very successful today. Although the children got very wet and muddy, and moan a lot, the instructor said that blackthorns children were the best at communicating and at taking the whole activity seriously. Giant Swing is always a favourite and we watched so many children go higher than they thought they would. Well done Mrs Dodd for partnering up with Henry - even though she felt sick afterwards!  
Lunch today was wraps and baguettes, and a range of fillings, soup etc...
We were told to start our packing after lunch and this is when we found out who has actually opened their suitcases, who has been wearing someone else's clothes all week, and who has lost their entire wardrobe! One room appeared to be simply 'sharing' their clothes equally between their four bags, so everyone got a fair share, as they had no idea whose clothes were whose. Thank goodness for name tags!
More activities after lunch included another beach walk. The weather had cheered up and we had a fantastic afternoon scavenging in the sunshine and building sandcastles. The children really enjoyed just playing in the sand.  
We got back to base in time for dinner.

Meatballs and pasta, sweet potato pie (yum!) and chocolate rice crispie cakes.
Mr Jordan had to stand on his chair for a rendition of Happy Birthday, by the entire hall, and he also received a huge chocolate cake.  
After dinner, we had our shop time. The children took their money to the gift shop and could spend it on gifts... decisions, decisions, what to buy??
We were then all supposed to go to the dining room and make our own lunch for the coach ride home tomorrow. However, we were approaching disco time, so we non-disco goers volunteered to make everyone's sandwiches.  
Disco people got glammed and glittered up. Mrs Dodd made sure the ladies were glitter-tastic. Wow - they looked fabulous. Boys were rocking some serious shirt and short combos and many had their moves worked out ready to boogie. Angus - best mover award! 
The 'chefs' went with Mrs J and Mrs Ripley and Mr J and started the production line going, and in no time at all we had 68 sandwiches made, wrapped and packaged.  

We are available for catering bookings some time soon!  
Mr J organised a paper plane making competition, and then we had a game of Bingo.
We finished off with a quiz before heading back to meet the disco goers.
It seemed that everyone had enjoyed their evening, although the dancers looked a bit sweaty and had to go get showers. Once again, we were told by  PGL staff that Blackthorns behaviour was stand out fantastic and we continue to be proud of them all.