Isle of Wight Day 3

Published Oct 3, 2018
Weather report: sunny!

National Marigold Day. 

A quiet night in the cabins last night, as the children were so tired. It proved to be a lot more difficult to wake them up this morning too. Mrs Jago is exhausting her supply of animal noises to wake them up. We woke to a glorious sunrise across the water. Red squirrels are everywhere this year and have been keeping us company near our cabins. 

National Marigold Day today, so all children lined up for role call wearing their gloves and Mr J led us in the salute and in singing the national anthem:
'oh Marigold, oh Marigold, we must respect the Marigold!'

We were glad to see several members of PGL staff also respecting this important day.

Breakfast today - hash browns and sausages. 

First activities included fencing, sensory trail, The Matrix and All Aboard. Fencing gives children the opportunity to slap their friends with a glove and demand a duel; Sensory Trail is all about team work, communication and getting wet and muddy, Matrix is top secret, and All Aboard involves 3 people climbing to the top of a very high pole and standing on a board the size of a pizza box, then playing 'bum' wars to see who can be the last man standing, (All whilst safely harnessed onto ropes).

The children were all incredibly brave during this activity, really pushing themselves and each other to face their fears. 

Break time raised the issue of 2 more rooms leaving their doors open - tut tut... forfeits have been administered; more of which later. 

Lunch today was sausage rolls, fish fingers, chips and beans.

This afternoon we are preparing for Giant Swings and Beach Walks.

Tonight we have Bingo night, Onesie and slipper competitions.

Long live the Marigold...